Company Profile

Geogio Innovative Climate Control

Geogio was founded in year of 2009, its endeavored to provide the most innovative technologies and applications to the field of climate control. In the past decades, the first innovated products brought to the markets is tent package air conditioner under “TENTAIR” brand. It gains great reputations among customers in the markets which it focused, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. “Tentair” brand becomes the No. 1 brand among all Chinese Exporters in its specified tent cooling equipments and solutions.

In year of 2019, at the moments of its 10 years anniversary, Geogio decided to expand its business to more wider fields such as “Cooling”, “Heating” and “Drying” under reserved brand name “GEOGIO”. Since then, Geogio set off on its way of comprehensive and fast development. As innovation is one of the most valued company cultures, Geogio in the future will focus on the high end DC Inverter technologies, Heat Pump technologies, and bring most innovative products and solutions to the field of “Tent cooling”, “Commercial cooling”, “Swimming pool heating”, “Heat pump dehumidifying” and “Heat pump drying”.



We have a well-educated engineering team who are much experienced in cutting edge HVAC technologies.


We offer ODM/JDM services, 7 x 24 hours online services, and comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales supports.


We are a group of brilliant persons who are passionated about the products/services we provide.


Quality is the basis which sets us apart from the competition. We are confident to provide warranty for each product we provided.

Advanced Technologies

DC Inverter technology

DC Inverter is an energy saving technology that optimize operation of compressor and fan blower by efficiently controlling its motor speed.

R32 New Refrigerant

R32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat and has lower environmental impact. R32 has a GWP of 675 (two-thirds less than R410A)

EVI Super Heating

EVI stands for “Enhanced Vapor Injection” and is a technology used on our cold climate heat pumps to achieve higher performance at lower temperatures.

Heat Pump drying

Heat pump drying is a novel dehydration process in a wide variety of foods and snacks now. It is actually an upgrade of the traditional drying method.


ODM Service

Geogio has the experience, capability, and R&D resources to provide standard products on ODM basis.

JDM Service

We are willing to work with our global partner for JDM (joint design manufacturing), to keep innovating in certain new industrial field and new application,

Brand Agencing

We are open-minded to promote our own brand, and want to grow together with global partner by providing brand supports.

Technic Supports

We provide free selection & design supports, and turn-key project in order to help our global partner to grow business more easily.


Quality Control

Geogio undertakes a set of quality control system through all procedures. Quality commitment is always the most factor concerned.

R&D Verifications

Geogio follows a full procedure of NPI(New Product Introduce). Each product is fully verified from the beginning to launch.

Premium Components

Geogio cooperates with the top supplier of main components so as to ensure the product quality and stability.


Geogio as an exporting company, we obey international certificates and regulations during its product development.