Fruits are rich in vitamin C, have low calories and no burden, and are loved by many consumers. There are many fruit tea on the market, and drying is an important part of the production process.

Disadvantages of traditional drying methods

The traditional drying methods are coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers or biomass boilers. The disadvantages are
1. Energy consumption cost is big, since traditional drying methods have low efficiency.
2. These drying methods will cause great pollution to the environment and do not meet the government’s environmental protection requirements;
3. Harmful gases generated during operation may also brings secondary pollution to dried fruits,
4. Labor costs are also high.

Air Source Heat Pump Dryer is a wise choice

At present, many dried fruit production enterprises adopt electric heating or microwave drying methods, which have high operating costs and short service life.

Air source heat pump drying absorbs the heat in the air, and can generate doubled heat with a small amount of electric power. The operating cost is about half of electric heating or microwave drying, and the energy saving is very prominent. The air source heat pump is highly intelligent, and the temperature and humidity can be precisely controlled through a mobile phone or computer to ensure the quality of drying. In addition, the air source heat pump drying equipment has a service life of up to 15 years, which is unmatched by other drying methods.

How can air source heat pump fruit drying be done? 

First of all, temperature and humidity are the most intuitive factors that affect the drying materials. Take dragon fruit drying as an example. Generally, the drying temperature will rise to about 60 degrees in the first stage, and then the temperature will gradually increase to achieve the purpose of setting and coloring. Users can use the built-in segmented constant temperature and humidity process of Geogio air source heat pump dryer to set four drying stages, with constant temperature and humidity in each stage, so that the dried dragon fruit appearance and taste can be maintained.

The faster the air flow rate, the more heat the material absorbs, and it can also take away the saturated humid air that gathers near the surface of the material in time to prevent re-moisture. Therefore, the air flow rate should be increased as much as possible when the unit capacity allows. Geogio air source heat pump dryer adopts a new generation of ventilation and air intake drying system design, which can effectively increase the air flow rate and shorten the drying cycle of dried dragon fruit. Another important factor that affects materials is the volatilized substances of materials. When dragon fruit is dried, it will volatilize a variety of substances. If it is not discharged in time, it will affect the flavor of dried dragon fruit. Geogio air source heat pump dryer can recover the volatile components in the dragon fruit and discharge them together with the condensed water. If it needs to be recycled, it only needs to be separated from the condensed water.

dried dragon fruit slice
dried dragon fruit slice

How to choose heat pump drying machine

1. For home use or small-quantity, Cabinet Heat Pump Drying Machine is recommended.
2. For medium or large scale fruit proceeding factory who has existing drying chambers, Plug-in heat pump drying machine is the best choice.
3. For those customers who want to build new drying facility, we are able to provide total heat pump drying chamber with both heat pump drying machine and drying chamber together.

Fruit drying case photos