No matter you are planning a tent building or tent event, the most beautiful tent outlook and dedicated decoration does’t count if guests are sweltering or shivering. An air conditioned tent event makes for comfortable guests at an outdoor wedding, party or other event.

Tentair Quick Climate Control helps our customers to solve this problem by providing total quick climate control solution and equipment for cooling or heating their tents. Tentair Tent Package Air Conditioner is featured with Quick installation, Comfortable air supply and Ruggedized durability.



Tentair Tent Package A/Cs are heavy duty self-contained package for commercial usage. These units are designed and manufactured to meet the requirement of air conditioning for big tents, marquees and temporary buildings. 
Those units are assembled and fully charged with refrigerant in the factory. Each unit is 100% tested before dispatch and it’s ready for installation. All that is required on site is to put on necessary QuickAir kit and plug the power.

— Self-contained package design for Quick Installation
— Industrial plug & socket for Quick Power Connect
— Diverse type of air supply kit for QuickAir Supply
— Multi-functional LCD wire controller for EasyControl
— Optional QuickMove kit for Quick transportation


Tentair tent package A/Cs were being widely used for different tent building, including event tents, dome tents, military tent, membrane structures, and also other buildings or places where temporary air conditioning is needed. The applications have various purposes including exhibition event, sport events, wedding events, party events, church buildings and sport buildings.


Air conditioners use a refrigeration cycle to transfer heat in or out. The whole refrigeration cycle has five critical components Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser, Expansion, Valve, Fan blower. For normal split type, the indoor unit and outdoor unit should be connected at sit by cooper pipes in order to make a close refrigeration cycle. And such install works can be only conducted by trained and professional technicians. While for all of our TPA model, it is made to be one packaged block with indoor unit and outdoor unit connected and checked in factory. So as to reduce site installation works.


Tentair tent package A/Cs are factory assembled, leakage tested, evacuated, internally wired and fully charged with refrigerant. Each unit is fully factory tested before dispatch and is ready for installation. All that is required on site is to connect ducts, drain lines and main power supply which greatly reduces installation charges and labor costs.
You just move the TPA unit into position, connect condensate drainage and electrical power, and turn it on. It’ s that simple. We’ ve done all the rest by making it one, complete unit, self-contained package for comfort mobile air conditioning.


Tentair Tent Package A/C has different ways of air supply solutions. All of them are featured with high height, long distance and wide area. The air goes down from high over the indoor space, and is distributed to long distance. So it avoid direct blow to human body, and it can’t be blocked by indoor buildings or equipments.


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    1. Project location:

    Tentair is dedicated to provide quick climate control solution and equipment to places all around the world.  Each Country has different power supply, climate condition and refrigerant regulations. Tentair has developed equipments with 50Hz and 60Hz power supply, T1 and T3 tropical, R22 and R410A refrigerant.  So when beginning project selection, those factors should be provided.

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    2. Load Calculation

    Like ordinary air conditioning project, it’s very important to have right calculation for both cooling load and heating load.  However, since tent structures is not so well-insulated. The capacity load should be calculated much bigger than normal building. Besides, the function of tent, people, equipment, lights, doors should be well considered when calculating the capacity load.  According to our experience, 250W – 400W per square meter is common used, 250-350W is for economic calculation, and 300-400W is for comfortable calculation.

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    3. Model Selection

    Once having the load calculation, the next step to select the proper models according to tent specs, like tent span, height and wall type. Tentair Quick Climate Control has models with capacity ranged from 6ton – 30ton. 6ton and 7ton is for small tent with span less than 20m, 8ton and 10ton is for medium tent with span from 20m to 30m. 24ton and 30ton is for large tent with span big than 30m.

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    4. QuickAir Selection

    It has both direct blow air supply and soft ducted air supply. Direct air blow model uses air plenum chamber for the air defuse. It is usually suitable for temporary tent event since it has the most advanced features with quick installation, no duct works needed.  While soft ducting model uses fabric duct for the air defuse, additional duct work is needed, so it suitable for permanent tent building or long-period tent events.

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    5. Accessory Selection

    Tentair provides all kinds of accessories, including power cables, power box, caster wheels.  The thing our customer needs to do is choose necessary accessories according to project requirement and send list to us.

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    6. Project Delivery

    The last step is project delivery.  There are two options for delivery, One is equipment delivery, we deliver equipment to our customer, and support online for the installation, operation and maintenance.  Another is project delivery, we can send engineer to installation site and train customer for the installation, operation and maintenance.


Tentair Quick Climate Control is dedicated to innovate the comfortable solutions for outdoor event air conditioning and emergency air conditioning. Hopefully, our product concepts can meet your diverse requirements and deliver add value to you.