DC Inverter Air Cooled Modular Chiller

  • DC Inverter compressor
  • R410A Refrigerant
  • Capacity: 65kW, 130kW
  • Cooling only, Heat pump
  • Climate Condition: T1, T3 Tropical
  • Power Supply: 50, 60HZ, 3Phase
  • Price Term: T/T, L/C
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Sets
  • Delivery Time: 20~25 Days
  • Package: Foam & wrapping film
  • Warranty: 1 year for whole unit, 3 years for compressor

Product Description


DC Inverter Air Cooled Modular Chiller is the latest innovative product of Geogio Innovative Climate Control. It adopts compact modular design, which is easy to ship and install, easy to layout, easy to operate and maintain. Max. 16 units can be combined having max. 2400kW capacity.It integrates the latest inverter technologies and heat pump technologies into modular chillers. The heat pump technology uses renewable energy sources to save energy and cut costs for both cooling and heating. The inverter technology with precise temperature regulation enables the unit to work at partial capacity, which reduces your energy consumption, running costs and global greenhouse impacts. It can operate in heating mode at lowest ambient temperature -30℃, and produce constant outlet water with highest temperature 60℃. It has less capacity drop, and still have 80% capacity even under ambient temperature -12℃. Its excellent performance make it suitable for more aid range of applications.



– DC Inverter Compressor

Since 1983, Hitachi has accumulated almost 40 years of experience in the design and production of leading scroll compressors, especially in the field of HVAC applications. The V Series uses the proven design of the direct current (DC) inverter compressor, which embraces all of the design features driven for exceptional efficiency all year around. The inverter compressors deliver step-less capacity control from 25% to 100%, allowing precise capacity matching for building loads and reducing unit power input, thus providing significant energy consumption savings for the customer.

– Precision Temperature Control

DC Inverter Technology provides variable capacity control and allows DC Inverter compressors to operate more efficiently across all cooling-load and ambient temperature conditions versus constant-speed chillers that use a step unloading design. The unit can work in Turbo in the beginning when start-up, once reaching set temp. the unit will work with low frequency and little water temp. fluctuation. So it’s more energy-saving & comfortable.

– Electronic Expansion Device

Electronic expansion device allows dynamic super heating control, which maximizes the utilization of evaporator heat exchange, thus resulting in more efficient full load and part load operation.



– U-V Air Side Heat Exchanger

Air side heat exchanger adopts a coils design in a U-V shape with open angle, which is optimized by CFD tools for air flow distribution simulation. The design ensures a uniform heat transfer with 30% efficiency improvement compared with V shape, and 15% bigger heat transfer compared with upright U shape. Meanwhile the U-V shape structure effectively enhances the unit’s structural strength and limits the risk of coil surface damage during the transportation and installation process.


– Inner grooved tube & Hydraulic fin

A high efficiency inner grooved tube is used to enlarge the heat exchange surfaces,  so as to achieve the most high heat exhanging efficient. Hydraulic fin with special formulated chemicals can efficiently improve the heat exchanging and defrosting process. Moreover, hydraulic fin is more withstanding for corrosion. 


– A High Efficiency Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

A high efficiency brazed plate heat exchanger uses true dual circuit with cross flow design, which maximizing the heat transfer performance. The brazed plate type design ensure the less refrigerant charge and compact size compared to traditional shell tube heat exchanger.


– Less heat capacity drop

A heat pump technology captures heat from the outdoor air. The heating performance drop which occurs with a drop in outdoor air temperature. This disadvantage has been eliminated with the e-series by increasing the heating performance in the low outdoor air temperature range. This allows the user to reduce the required number of units.


– Intelligent defrosting

Intelligent defrost optimizes the sequencing of the defrost cycle and allows the remaining modules in the system to continue to provide heat, reducing interruptions.


– Wide Operation Range